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Wind Farms Could Save Up To 70 Million Birds Every Year

Lobbyists opposed to wind energy often claim that wind turbines are harmful to the bird population. According to them, wind farms that are built along bird migration paths or in bird habitats kill an outrageous number of birds. However, the fact is that millions of birds are killed as a result of other human activities,… Read More »

Geese Killing 2008

Trapping and transport of Greylag Geese on Texel in June 2008 Texel and Utrecht: 4,000 wild geese gassed Dutch conservationists publish a video film of the trapping operation During June and July the authorities on the Dutch North Sea island of Texel contracted out to a firm the trapping and gassing of thousands of wild… Read More »

Seal Pup Skin Trade

Greenland trade in Canadian seal pup skins a background briefing by ecoadvise & communication Denmark The basic facts Greenland’s Home Rule Government is selling skins of Canadian seal pups as young as 12 days old through the Great Greenland trading company. Nearly half of the Canadian seal pups are still being clubbed to death and… Read More »