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[NO action planned/required at present – but useful reference material if reactivated]

lapwingStop the brutal and unnecessary ‘traditional’ trapping of Lapwings
Click on picture for information and protest campaign!

Goose slaughter in Holland..

Click on picture for information and protest campaign!

The slaughter goes on on Malta …in spring and autumn..


Present plans for Via Baltica threaten endangered species …..

… lobby the Polish Govt. to shelve plans until a strategic environmental assessment has been made!

Chaffinch trapping in Flanders, Belgium..

… join protest against reintroduction of song bird trapping

Badger digging out in France..

… Support French conservationist efforts to have this cruel sport banned

New legislation to give mining rights priority will weaken habitat protection..

… Slovak conservationosts need our support – now!

Woodcock conservation … support efforts of Wallonian conservationists to extend protection of the species

Keoladeo National Park, Rajasthan (Baratphur)

Help to campaign for measures to restore and maintain this important global wetland

 In 1999 Tilos won the esteemed Greek Nature Eco-prize…

… for banning hunting. In 2004 the new Greek Government are discussing permitting scores of hunters from elsewhere to hunt again on the island. Help prevent this retrograde step.

lapwingGovernment of Saxony plans to persecute cormorants..

… lobby the state government of Saxony to drop their plans to permit widespread hunting of cormorants – in nature reserves as well!!!

New proposals for the Lewis wind farm attracts renewed criticism from RSPB and other conservationists in endangered bird species habitats..

… please add your objection to the new proposals.

Malta must enforce EU regulations… we must put pressure on the EU not to let Malta get away with sloppy enforcement. Degorations for spring hunting and finch trapping must be rejected

Alarming news (August 2005) from the DANUBE DELTA …

… renewed dredging operations must be stopped by President Yuschenko

Proposed airport site at Ciudad Real threatens integrity of SPA and IBA..

… home to several important populations of steppe bird species such as Great Bustard , Little Bustard, Stone-Curlew, Black-bellied Sandgrouse, Pin-tailed Sandgrouse and Lesser Kestrel.

Appeal to the European Commission against windfarm development .in endangered bird species habitats..

… the UK and Scottish regional authorities must be made to comply with EC Bird and habitat directives!

More plans to erect 133 wind turbines on the Isle of Lewis…

… threatening rare birds, habitats and the natural beauty of the Isle of Lewis on the Scottish Atlantic coast.

Norway hunts its Wolves to death

The government is following a policy of extermination for Canis lupus lupus


lobby the new President, Viktor Yuschenko, to reverse the plans of the former corrupt government.

The biodiversity of the Ørin Delta …

… an important transit area for sea ducks and Ramsar site in Central Norway is threatened by local development plans which are among the worst current environmental threats in the country.

The Carpathian Brown Bear is in danger of extermination

through excessive hunting, mismanagement and widespread corruption…

Wind Turbine Death Trap on the “Via Pontica”?

support the Bulgarian Bird Protection Society’s campaign to prevent the construction of a wind farm on Europe’s second most important migration flyway for soaring bird species …

Greenland – Protect the Seabirds

Spring hunting must NOT be permitted to resume!

Italy – The constant campaign against illegal hunting

Keep the pressure up to prevent a weakening of the hunting laws (Jan-Mar 2005)

A new court ruling has given hope to Saemangeum campaigners 

….  keep the pressure up to reinforce the campaign to save the world’s most important staging site for the fast-declining Spoon-billed Sandpiper an other wetland birds

“Pajero cowboys” set to wreak havoc in the NE Italian steppe

the regional authorities must fulfil their environmental protection duties…

Join Harrison Ford and Cameron Diaz in the Race to Save the Scarlet Macaw in Belize …

and stop economic and environmental exploitation of the third world by a multinational company!

Lobby the President of the Ukraine once more to prevent irreversible damage to the DANUBE DELTA …

… before he accepts the disastrous recommendations of the Ministry of Transport

The Tunkinsky National Park on the shores of Lake Baikal …

in Siberia is threatened by plans by the Russian oil giant YUKOS to build an oil pipeline through the park.

Malta should not be exempted from provisions of the EU Bird Directives. Please keep your support going.Malta – No Spring hunting

Urgent action must be taken to conserve the BELOVEZHSKAYA PUSHCHA primeval forest

In the second half of last year alone more than 100 000 cubic metres (300 hectares) of valuable wood were logged in BelovezhskayaPushcha. The survival of this ancient forest, with its richly diverse flora and fauna, is critically endangered.

Iceland – The last European wilderness?

ALCOA, the aluminium giant, has now taken over Norsk Hydro’s role in planning for developments which will destroy part of the Iceland wilderness

Zino’s Petrel

The breeding site of the last 20-30 surviving pairs of Pterodroma madeira is threatened by plans for a NATO radar site…

Lobby EU ministers – before their meeting in Kiev at the end of May

to stop despoilation of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve where 257 species of birds can to be found; 9 of them on the European Red List …

Cyprus – Trapping of Ambelopoulia…

for sale and consumption. Progress – but the campaign is not over yet!

Toxic Chemicals

Campaign for the phasing out of toxic chemicals in Europe – and set an example for the rest of the world.

Goolengook old growth forest

Over 300 rare and threatened plant and animal species, found within the region’s one million hectares of forest, are threated by logging operations.

Wildlife in the Wadden Sea

Wintering Red-throated and Black-throated Loons – and the Harbour Porpoise – need effective protection …

Keep our seas clean … 

The only responsible reaction to the Prestige oil-spill disaster is to urgently bring about a fundamental change in the way the international shipping is practised and regulated.

N@C – No airport at Cliffe

Protest against the British Govts inclusion of a site of international importance for wildlife in plans for a new London airport.

The German Coalition Government is dragging its heels on revision of the Hunting Law ..

… if they do not fulfil election pronises and give this matter priority the future of the hard fought for European Bird and Habitat Directives could be undermined!

Gulls and Cormorants under attack in Italy

parliamentary committee consider Bill on delegation to the regions of control policies. The old, old story…

The spectacular wetlands of the Ebro Delta are threatened

if we conservationists don’t act the delta will dry up, erode and eventually vanish. The consequences of this are obvious …

Malta – can anything be done to stop the killing?

The European Union must take positive action before Malta’s accession


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