We need clean energy – but not at the cost of the birds!

All those who care about the environment are aware that we use too much and too “dirty” energy. Not only must we make efforts everywhere to reduce energy consumption – no form of energy in inexhaustible – and to use, where possible, cleaner forms of energy. If we do not achieve this we will be faced in the future with the threat of harmful and long-lasting effects to birds, other fauna and flora and ecosystems.

Much has been said about the benefits of effectively harnessing wind energy. This, with solar and wave energy are rightly seen as a better alternative in the long term to the exploitation and burning of our fossil fuel reserves.

Developments have shown however that these form of energy production can have an adverse effect on the environment and quality of life. A particular problem, which Proact will try to highlight, is the threat to the life and habitats of birds where wind farms are planned without proper consideration of the negative environmental effects. There are numerous examples of this, ranging from the Pontic and Iberian migratory flyways, high fatalities to raptors in California or the small but significant threat to the last remaining habitats of the Great Bustard in Germany.

Proact has already supported campaigns against wind farm erection in sensitive areas. I have now decided to give this problem its own site in order to acknowledge its increasing importance and the growing threat to birds and their habitats.

I look forward to your support.

David Conlin,
Proact International
in August 2004